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For all real American football fans! Place yourself in a stadium environment and see how many field goals you can kick. Think you have what it takes?!

Our field goal kicks game has been made using a realistic engine, but with fun in mind...

- 3D models
- works in any screen orientation
- high res full screen graphics
- three difficulty levels
- ball unlocks - unlock new balls as you progress through the game
- currently four game modes:
*goal kicks... kick some goals! The further you progress the harder the kicks become
*hit the post... see how many times you can hit the post
*bullseye... hit the target for points!
*knockdown... demolish the wall!
- separate high scores
- varying wind levels
- option for left or right handed players
- positioned behind the football as in real life
- look up button... view your target
- realistic swipe engine (speed of swipe = speed of ball, height of swipe = height of ball).
- swipe stats
- realistic sounds
- ad free

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